Languages Continuing Education

High school students, ages 16–17, may enroll in Continuing Education classes, including American Sign Language, if they submit a completed dual-enrollment form approved by their high school principal or designee. Students must be 16 at the time of enrollment and the first day of class, per North Carolina Administrative Code 23 NCAC 02C.0305, Education Services for Minors.

Introduction to American Sign Language

This slower-paced course provides a basic introduction of American Sign Language (ASL) fundamental concepts and functions through a culturally enriched learning environment. Participants learn the basic functioning of fingerspelling and how to introduce themselves through this manually spoken language. No textbook is required. (Because this course is self-supporting, no tuition waivers or exemptions are allowed.) 10 hours. $70

46241 W 6/3–7/1 6–8 p.m. CEC 603 May 27 registration deadline
46242 W 7/15–8/12 6–8 p.m. CEC 603 July 8 registration deadline

Spanish is Fun Book I

This beginning Spanish language course enhances students’ job opportunities and adds to their intercultural understanding, while developing skills in communication, reading, writing, and listening. This course is designed for students with no previous experience in Spanish language or whose experience does not make placement in a higher-level Spanish course advisable. Spanish Is Fun Book I, Lively Lessons for Beginners, 4th edition, ISBN 978-1-56765-815-6, is the required textbook. 48 hours. $129

46374 MW 6/1–8/19 6–8 p.m. CEC 605 May 26 registration deadline

Spanish is Fun Book II

A continuation of the introductory-level course, this course features increased emphasis on vocabulary enrichment, grammar, and reading comprehension. Spanish Is Fun Book II, Lively Lessons for Advancing Students, 2nd edition, ISBN 978-1-56765-485-1, is the required textbook. 48 hours. $129

46349 Sat 6/6–8/15 10 a.m.–3 p.m. CEC 604 May 30 registration deadline

Buen Viaje! Tips for Travel to Spanish Speaking Countries

This introduction to Spanish is perfect for those planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking region. Students will focus on useful travel vocabulary, basic grammar and phrases, and conversations. An English to Spanish dictionary is required. 32 hours. $129

46369 TTh 5/19–7/9 12:30–2:30 p.m. CEC 605 May 12 registration deadline

Hoy Dia!

This class allows you to put into practice all the Spanish that you have learned. It includes conversation, cultural readings, and current events, with a focus on Spanish as it is spoken today as well as the issues that affect Latinos in the Triangle. The curriculum is flexible to allow for inclusion of topics of student interest. 32 hours. $129

46368 TTh 5/19–7/9 10 a.m.–noon CEC 605 May 12 registration deadline