Credit by Exam Procedures and Guidelines

Credit By Exam is currently available for CIS 110, CIS 115, and WEB 110. If you are interested in taking a credit by exam, you must register for the course, be enrolled in a curriculum program and not have exceeded the hours allowed for credit by exam.

Credit by Exam for CIS 110, CIS 115, and WEB 110 for fall 2014 is scheduled for:

  • Friday, August 22, noon – 2 p.m. in Tech 976
  • Monday, August 25, noon – 2 p.m. in Tech 976
  • Tuesday, August 26, 6 – 8 p.m. in Tech 983

Please be on time for the exam. Once the exams begin, you will not be allowed enter the exam room. You are allowed to take one exam per exam time.

You will need a score of 85 to pass a Credit By Exam. The Credit By Exam requires a pre-test in which an 85 on the pre-test makes you eligible to take the actual Credit By Exam (post-test).

If you pass the Credit By Exam, you will receive a grade of “CE” (Credit by Exam) for the course. You will be notified within two working days after you complete the exam if you passed. If you pass the exam, the instructor for the section you are taking will be notified that you are to receive the grade of “CE”. If you pass the exam, DO NOT DROP THE COURSE. You need to remain on the roster to receive credit for the course.

You should not attempt the Credit By Exam if you are a:

  • University Transfer major – universities don't accept grade of "CE"
  • Veteran receiving benefits – VA deducts the class CR hrs you're not attending class, thereby reducing or eliminating benefits
  • Middle College High School student – not allowed