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Durham Technical Community College Service Pledge

Do you want to serve your community but lose steam without a reminder of your intentions? Then take the Durham Tech Service Pledge! Students, alumni, and employees are encouraged to make the pledge by setting a goal for the number of hours they’d like to serve during the next year. Every month, participants will receive an email with the number of hours they’ve completed toward their goal – as entered in the volunteer log – and a list of upcoming community service opportunities that can help them achieve their goals.

Simply fill out the form below and select the number of hours you’d like to give to your community in the next year. 

Need help setting your goal? Consider how many hours a week you’d like to give to service. One hour a week translates into roughly a 50-hour commitment for the year. Or think about how much you’ve served in the past. Would you like to increase that number? Do you have new commitments that require you to reduce that number for the next year? Whatever your commitment level, we look forward to helping you stay motivated over this next year.

ID Number   
Email Address   

I want to make a difference in my community! I pledge to serve the number of hours chosen above in the next year.


If you have taken the challenge, are you making steady progress toward your goal? Are you volunteering an average of two hours per week? If not, check out these current volunteer opportunities or contact our Community Partners.

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