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Serving our community is important to Durham Tech. In fact, our mission and strategic initiatives clearly commit us to engaging with our communities in ways that not only help those we serve, but also allow us as a college to learn. Service, in other words, allows us to extend the walls of our classrooms and the boundaries of our campuses, providing students, faculty, and staff with hands-on, real-world experiences, while helping others.

What is service-learning?
Service-learning is a diverse experiential teaching and learning strategy. Instructors teach course material and meet curriculum goals by involving students in structured community service activities that correspond to course objectives.

Service-learning is not an add-on to a course. Just as with a project, presentation, lab, essay, or test, the course objectives are met through the service-learning experience and are part of the syllabus. The reason so many instructors, administrators, and students speak highly of service-learning is that it allows for a dynamic learning experience in which students actively use the course content to address a community need. Students think critically about the material and make decisions that have real-life ramifications. Instead of simulated exercises, students engage with the community to solve actual problems. Through service-learning, education comes to life.

In service-learning, emphasis is equally placed on the learning (skills and information acquired) and the service (the volunteer work to meet an unmet need in the community). In other words, both the community and the students benefit. To learn more about service-learning, including examples of service-learning used in your courses and discipline areas, please consult the recommended resources. Watch this video for more information and to see examples of service-learning in action: Learn and Serve America: What is service-learning?

Upcoming Events
Friday, March 23
2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Teaching-Learning Center, Phillips Building, room 325
Service-learning Training: Part One of Three

Friday, March 30
2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Teaching-Learning Center, Phillips Building, room 325
Service-learning Training: Part Two of Three

Friday, April 13
2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Teaching-Learning Center, Phillips Building, room 325
Service-learning Training: Part Three of Three

These trainings are intended primarily for faculty who are interested in using service-learning in fall 2012 courses. Please email Erin Riney by Wednesday, March 7, to apply to be part of the pilot or to inquire into the training.

Your input is welcome!
If you have ideas, questions, or feedback regarding service-learning, please attend Teaching-Learning Center (TLC) sessions on the topic, request a meeting to discuss service-learning in your program or discipline area through your supervisor, or directly contact the Service Learning Coordinator, Erin Riney by calling 919-536-7231, ext. 8078.

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