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Phi Beta Lambda Membership
Who May Join?
Any business student or student who has an interest in business. (Business students include those enrolled in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Programming, Office Systems Technology, Information Systems, Internet Technologies and Real Estate. In addition, University Transfer students planning to major in business at a senior institution are considered pre-business students. )

Annual Dues

$20 per member (includes $10 for national dues and $10 for state dues; membership year is August 1 thru July 31).

With You PBL Membership You Get:
  • PBL Business Leader, a quarterly publication prepared by the national organization.
  • NCPBL State Newsletter, a semi-annual newsletter published by the North Carolina State Chapter.
  • State Chapter membership certificate, as well as a national membership card.
  • A variety of publications and information from the state and national association to assist your local chapter with continued success.
  • Most importantly, you receive the ability to use the organization’s name.
Participation in Phi Beta Lambda activities provides opportunities for:
  • An extension of the learning process and a mutual interest exchange
  • Business knowledge/skill assessment
  • Development of personal qualities such as dependability, cooperation, and a
  • sense of humor
  • Job contacts
  • Cultural development and social maturity
  • Encouraging an understanding of the American Enterprise System
  • Experience in leadership and "followership" as well as lessons in decision making
  • Encouraging high scholastic standards
  • Resume building experiences
  • Development of "success" characteristics expected by employers
  • A school activity for students--a place to "fit"
  • Working toward a common goal
  • Development of a competitive spirit and self-confidence as well as recognition and prestige
  • Learning human relations skills and encouraging student motivation
  • Getting to know your instructors
  • Learning to accept responsibility
  • Encouraging patriotism

New members are welcome at all posted meetings. For More Information contact one of our co-advisors: Janice Kerber, White Building, room 42, 919-536-7230, ext. 8066; LaTonya Steele, 919-536-7200, ext. 8064, White Building, room 37; or Michele Parrish, Newton Building, room 420, 919-536-7235, ext. 8158.

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