Phi Beta Lambda Membership

Who May Join?

Any student who is interested in developing their business and leadership skills and is enrolled in a course (s) at Durham Tech.
Just complete the PBL Membership form.

Annual Dues

$20 per member (includes $10 for national dues and $10 for state dues; membership year is August 1 thru July 31).

With Your PBL Membership You Receive:

  • PBL Business Leader, a quarterly publication prepared by the national organization.
  • NCPBL State Newsletter, a semi-annual newsletter published by the North Carolina State Chapter.
  • State Chapter membership certificate, as well as a national membership card.
  • A variety of publications and information from the state and national association to assist your local chapter with continued success.
  • Most importantly, you receive the ability to use the organization’s name.

Participation in Phi Beta Lambda activities provides opportunities for:

  • An extension of the learning process and a mutual interest exchange
  • Business knowledge/skill assessment
  • Development of personal qualities such as dependability, cooperation, and a sense of humor
  • Job contacts
  • Cultural development and social maturity
  • Encouraging an understanding of the American Enterprise System
  • Experience in leadership and "followership" as well as lessons in decision making
  • Encouraging high scholastic standards
  • Resume building experiences
  • Development of "success" characteristics expected by employers
  • A school activity for students--a place to "fit"
  • Working toward a common goal
  • Development of a competitive spirit and self-confidence as well as recognition and prestige
  • Learning human relations skills and encouraging student motivation
  • Getting to know your instructors
  • Learning to accept responsibility
  • Encouraging patriotism

New members are welcome at all posted meetings. For More Information contact one of our co-advisors: Janice Kerber, White Building, room 42, 919-536-7230, ext. 8066; LaTonya Steele, 919-536-7200, ext. 8064, White Building, room 37; or Michele Parrish, Newton Building, room 420, 919-536-7235, ext. 8158.