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Nursing Assistant I Hybrid Course

This offering of the Nursing Assistant I course is designed for task-oriented, self-motivated, organized students with excellent computer skills. Students enrolled in this hybrid course complete the classroom portion online and attend class ONE day a week for the laboratory portion. Clinical training takes place two days a week in health care facilities in Durham and Orange counties.
172.5 hours. $250

Computer Requirements
To take an online course, students need regular, frequent, dependable access to a computer with the following:

  • A home computer with internet access.
  • A reasonably current web browser (Internet Firefox 11 or higher is the recommended).
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled; and
  • PowerPoint. If you don't own PowerPoint, Microsoft now offers a "Power- Point Viewer" that can be downloaded free from their website; and
  • A working email address configured properly so emails from faculty and students are not blocked as "spam."

This course qualifies for the ConnectFunds Grants.

The class meets in the classroom on the FIRST day of class and every Monday. Clinicals will be Mondays and Wednesdays.

You are required to bring these completed and signed forms to the first day of class.

First day of class 1/22 4–7 p.m. OCSDC 105

4–9 p.m.
4–9:30 p.m.