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Nursing Assistant II

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Durham Techís Nursing Assistant II program provides students with 177 hours of training to perform more complex and invasive patient care skills, as well as continue to provide basic nursing care for adults. Through classroom instruction, laboratory work, and clinical rotations, this program leads to listing on the Nursing Aide II Registry with the NC Board of Nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Locations
Main Campus
Corporate Education Center
1637 Lawson Street
Durham, NC 27703
919-536-7222 x4011
Fax: 919-536-7277

Orange County Campus
525 College Park Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278
919-536-7238 x4203
Fax: 919-536-7297

Northern Durham Center
2401 Snow Hill Road
Durham, NC 27712
919-536-7240 x4417
Fax: 919-536-7280

SouthBank Building
400 West Main Street 3rd floor Durham, NC 27701
919-536-7241 x4502
Fax: 919-536-7291

Northgate Mall Campus
1058 West Club Blvd.
Lower Level, Suite 675
Durham, NC 27701
919-536-7222 x4313
Fax: 919-536-7298

What do I need to register for this program?

  • A completed Continuing Education registration form
  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • Registration fee.
  • Completion of a state-approved Nursing Assistant I program (minimum 100 hours).
  • Current NC Nurse Aide I listing with no substantiated negative finding.
  • Letter from employer verifying a minimum of six months recent nursing assistant I experience.
  • Health Care Provider CPR certification.

Can I apply for a ConnectFund grant for this program?

No. The ConnectFunds grant only covers courses that lead to a certification.

Is there a required textbook?

Yes. The required book can be purchased at the Durham Tech Bookstore:

  • North Carolina Nurse Aide II. ISBN 978-1-1334-4007-9

What equipment and supplies are required?

  • Hunter green scrub shirt and pants
  • White shoes with a closed heel
  • Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Transfer belt
  • Watch with a second hand

How do I apply for listing with the NC Board of Nursing?

Once you have successfully completed the Nursing Assistant II program, the program director will submit your name to the NC Board of Nursing. You may apply at the boardís website and pay a $24 application fee. You must submit your application within 30 business days following completion of the program.

Is a criminal background check required?

Yes. The fee for the background check is $28. Students should complete the criminal background check at no less than one week prior to the first day of class. Print the confirmation screen for proof of completion and give the printout to your instructor.

Durham Tech does not receive the specifics of a denial. The investigation/screening results are forwarded directly to the health care facility designated as the studentís clinical site. Durham Tech is notified by the health care facility if the facility elects to deny the student access based on the results. Durham Tech is not given a list of offenses that may prevent a student from attending clinical. Health care facilities typically use the same criteria for allowing students to participate in clinical rotations as they do for hiring employees.

What other documents and materials are required for the program?

Students must provide proof of the following:

  • Negative tuberculin skin test or negative chest x-ray.
  • Measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella vaccine (or laboratory proof of immunity).
  • Hepatitis B vaccine or completed vaccine declination form on file.
  • Influenza vaccine (depending on season and facility).

Failure to submit the above immunizations may prevent the student from progressing to the clinical portion of the course.

How much does the course cost?

Registration fee* $263.35
Equipment/supplies $85**
Textbook $81.75**
Total estimated cost $430.10*

*Fees subject to change.

**Fees may vary.

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Visa, Master Card, or Discover
  • Personal or company check
  • Money order
  • Third-Party authorization letter
  • Cash (accepted only at the Cashier’s Office, White 81, Main Campus)

What is the process if an agency (vocational rehabilitation, JOCCA, or WIA) is paying for my course and/or books?

You must provide a copy of the authorization to pay letter from the agency along with your registration form. Registrations are not accepted if we do not have the letter of authorization. If you are receiving assistance for your books, you will also need to submit an authorization to pay letter to the Durham Tech Bookstore.

What if I still have questions?

The Admissions and Enrollment Services office is happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in the process of registering for the Nursing Assistant I program. For additional information, call 919-536-7222, ext. 4313.