Online Registration Process for Healthcare Courses

1. Review the information you need to know about these courses.

  1. Online FAQ’s: Are online courses right for you? View the frequently asked questions.

  2. Medical Coding Course Requirements: What is the correct order to take these courses?

2. Registration steps

  1. Review the current course schedule: You need this information to fill out your registration form and order required materials

  2. Be aware of Durham Tech’s registration and refund procedures.

  3. Complete and return: The registration form and payment one week prior to the online class start date (email address is required):

3. Online Textbook Information

  1. Online Medical Coding textbook information (pdf)

4. Textbook Order steps:

  1. Under the course description, where course dates and times are listed, record the 5 digit number in front of the word “ONLINE”; this is your course number. 

  2. Two weeks before the class start date, with your course number, do one of the following:
    1. Visit the Durham Tech Bookstore, and buy your required course materials

    2. Visit the Durham Tech Bookstore’s website, and order your required course materials:
      1. Our state: North Carolina
      2. Our school: Durham Technical Community College
      3. Click on the words: Textbook or Find your textbooks and Course Materials
      4. Select the Term then the Department: CONT.EDU
      5. Course: Five digit code for the course

Step 5: Recommended computer hardware and software set-up for online courses:

  1. A home computer (PC or MAC) with high-speed Internet access
  2. An email account (free accounts available at ) or if a Durham Tech credit student, please use your ConnectMail email account.
  3. a reasonably current web browser (Internet Firefox 11 or higher is recommended). Download Firefox
  4. JavaScript and cookies enabled (how to enable JavaScript and enable cookies)

Step 6. Logon steps (must be performed on or after the class start date):

Before beginning (or attending) your course-specific orientation, be sure to complete the Sakai Tour. If you have questions about Sakai, visit the Sakai help page.

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