Health Care Professionals

Medical Coding, Electronic Health Records, Anatomy and Physiology, Expanded Medical Terminology, Medical Law, AHIMA Bootcamp, Terminology for Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Law, and EKG.

Medication Tech, Phlebotomy, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Health Unit Coordinator, Central Sterile Processing classes have these prerequisites:

  • A completed Durham Tech Continuing Education Registration form and a copy of high school transcript, diploma, or GED certificate AND
  • COMPASS Reading placement score of 70 or better, OR
  • Proof of successful completion of Reading 80 or 90 at Durham Tech, OR
  • A transcript documenting successful completion of a college-level English (ENG 111 or higher) course

Medication Technician

This course prepares unlicensed medical personnel in adult care homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes to take the NC Division of Facility Services’ Medication Administration Exam. Students receive instruction in the correct policies and procedures for administering medications, specifically drug interactions, side effects, and the administration of liquids, pills, subcutaneous injections, and topical treatments. Other topics such as controlled substances and their documentation, dosage calculations, unit dose administration, and the proper disposal of unused medications and sharps are also covered. 27 hours. $129. More information is provided in frequently asked questions.

43101 MW 10/1–10/29 6–9 p.m. NGM 101B


Through coursework and clinical experiences, students learn how to collect blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Emphasis is on ethics, legalities, medical terminology, safety and universal precautions, health care delivery systems, patient relations, anatomy and physiology, and specimen collection. Upon completion, students should be able to safely perform procedures necessary for venipuncture and specimen collections and are eligible to sit for the National Healthcareer Association certification exam for phlebotomy. Students, at their expense, are required to undergo a criminal background check at and show proof of specific immunizations prior to beginning the clinical portion of the training. Certain findings on the criminal background check may prohibit students from completing the program. 200 hours. $300. More information is provided in frequently asked questions. This course qualifies for the ConnectFunds Grant.

Evening class students please note: If there is any offsite clinical training, it will only be offered during the day.

FULL TWTh 8/19–12/16 5:30–9:30 p.m. NGM 103J


New classes will start in Spring Semester 2015.

Medical Coding

See the course list for Medical Coding.

Nursing Assistant

See the course list for Nursing Assistant and TEAS test preparation.


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