Laboratory Assistant Continuing Education

BioPharma III: Animal Cell Culture Techniques

This course provides students with a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of key techniques required to successfully initiate and maintain animal cell culture. Topics include aseptic techniques, growth environment, routine maintenance of cell cultures, cryopreservation, transfection, and cell counting. Other topics include cloning techniques, suspension culture, serum-free culture, evaluation of cryopreserved cells, extraction of DNA from mammalian cells, and use of multi-well plates in cell culture. Upon completion, students demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to grow, maintain, and manipulate cells in culture. Prerequisite: BioPharma I: BioScience Lab Techniques or college-level biology and chemistry courses.152 hours. $289

48478 TTh 8/6–12/17 6–10 p.m. NDC 110 July 30 registration deadline