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Access Directions and Contact Information
Durham Technical Community College is providing its submission for reaffirmation of accreditation in three versions for ease of accessibility -- web site, CD, and paper copy.
  • The web location for Durham Tech's reaffirmation of accreditation information is This web site contains access directions and contact information for technical assistance and the Compliance Certification Report, Focused Report, and Quality Enhancement Plan.
  • Durham Tech is also providing a CD that includes access directions and contact information for technical assistance, the Focused Report and Quality Enhancement Plan as well as the Compliance Certification Report, Durham Technical Community College Catalog and Student Handbook, and Employee Handbook. The links to electronic documentation are active, and you must be connected to the Internet to access them.
  • To access the CD, double click on the SACS index file or in your Internet browser, choose File/Open File and the SACS index file.
  • Paper copies of the Focused Report and Quality Enhancement Plan are also provided.

The Focused Report is presented in a table format as Support Documentation located at the end of each response for each core requirement, comprehensive standard, and federal requirement questioned by the Off-Site Review Committee. The supporting documentation linked within each response opens in a new window. Closing the documentation window will return the reviewer to the response narrative under review. Each Support Documentation table lists the documents cited in the order to which they are referred to in the response.

Please be aware that some documentation has been scanned from original sources. Scanning documents will sometimes cause extraneous notations on the page (such as the scanner’s inability to read handwritten initials on a memorandum).

Secure Folders and Password
Some narratives contain supporting documentation which is located in a secure folder requiring a username and password. This information is provided for reviewer use only because of personnel and student privacy. The username and password to access this documentation are provided in your hard copy of this page. Note that the username and password will only need to be entered once as long as the browser is kept open.

A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, or their equivalent is required for viewing the web site and the CD version.

PDF files require Adobe Reader. A free copy of Adobe Reader may be downloaded at

Technical Assistance
Please direct questions or requests for technical assistance to
Liz Filipowski, Durham Technical Community College Web Designer/Developer
work: 919-686-3572; home: 919-387-1138

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Durham, NC 27703

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