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Peer mentoring Helps Anchor New Students
Peer Mentor photoFor many students, Durham Technical Community College is the gateway to a new and rewarding career. However, some students “fall through the cracks.” They struggle with classes and often feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a job and family. Some students simply give up.

Durham Technical Community College’s Peer Mentoring Project pairs more than 100 students each year with student mentors. Each mentee meets weekly with a mentor to talk about their goals and achievements as well as concerns. Mentees attend monthly group meetings and at least four student success workshops a year. The students also keep a journal of their progress. Statistics show that students completing the Peer Mentoring Project have a higher retention and goal completion rate than those who do not.

Durham Tech does not have funding for all of the students who need and desire mentors. Private funding is sought through the DTCC Foundation to supplement the federal assistance supporting the Peer Mentoring Project.

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