RIBN Student Requirements

  1. Provide documentation of successful completion of a North Carolina-approved Certified Nurse Aide I Program — which includes theory, lab, and clinical components — no later than the first day of fall semester of Year Two. (A copy of a college transcript or a notarized course completion certificate are acceptable documentation.)
  2. Hold a documented, current, unrestricted credential as a Nurse Aide I (NA I) from the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry and the Division of Health Service Regulation.
  3. Maintain dual admission and continued enrollment at both DTCC and WSSU by completing at least one WSSU course each semester (fall and spring) during Years One through Three.
  4. Maintain a GPA of 2.6 or greater to progress in the RIBN option.
  5. Maintain full-time enrollment each semester if a recipient of a scholarship from the NC Forgivable Education Loan Program.
  6. Enroll at DTCC for Years One, Two, and Three.
  7. Enroll in general education courses at DTCC and WSSU as advised by the RIBN Student Advocate in Year One.
  8. Enroll in Associate Degree Nursing courses at DTCC and continue enrollment in WSSU courses as advised by RIBN Nursing Student Advocate in Years Two and Three.
  9. Enroll at WSSU in Year Four.
  10. Successfully pass NCLEX - RN to progress to Year Four.