Audiovisual Equipment Reservation Form



Telephone #:  

Date equipment needed:       Preferred pick-up time:

Location equipment will be used:

Date equipment will be returned:       Equipment return time:
(Note: Equipment must be returned immediately after class period.)

Check all that apply:
Audio Cassette Recorder/Player   DVD Player Slide Projector  
Compact Disc Playback    Laptop (PC)       VCR
Computer Projector   Microphones Video Tripod    
Digital Video Camera  Overhead (Transparency) Projector Video Camera  
Digital Picture Camera  Portable Sound System   

Special Instructions: Is there anything else that we need to know?


After the "Send" button is selected, your browser will display a summary of the form information so it can be saved or printed out for your records. The request will be sent to Dan Specter who will respond with a confirmation via email.

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