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Media Requests

The public information officer manages all aspects of media relations, including press releases, feature articles and media advisories, media, interviews, and press conferences. We also respond to media requests for information, story ideas and faculty experts. Our Speakers Bureau, a list of faculty experts, is designed to help reporters locate sources for their stories.

We encourage faculty and staff members to contact us to suggest story ideas. For media services, please contact Carver Weaver at or call extension 5205.

Guidelines for Effective Publications, Advertising, and News Coverage


Various forms of promotion are available including news releases, media interviews, public service announcements, and publications.

All media have the option to use or not use the information sent to them. Both print and broadcast journalists use seven major criteria to judge the newsworthiness of a story: impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, uniqueness, conflict, and currency. Paid advertising is the only guaranteed way to promote your program or event exactly when and where you prefer. Keep in mind that in order to make any news coverage a success, it may become necessary for you to be available for media interviews.

News Releases

News releases concerning college programs, events, and personnel appointments are prepared by the Marketing and Communications department and are distributed to area newspapers, radio and TV stations, and specialized publications. News releases are also posted on the Durham Tech web site for access by the media and public.

To publicize your event, send the information (who, what, where, when, and why) to the public information officer. Printed materials describing more detailed event information, such as biographies for guest performers or lecturers, are also useful in preparing news releases. When possible, please include a photograph of the guest(s) or faculty member(s) who will be featured in the news release. Ideally, information should reach us at least two weeks in advance of an event.


TV, radio and newspaper reporters frequently ask for quick interviews about breaking news events. Normally, the media will call the public information officer to arrange the interview. Sometimes reporters will call you directly. When that happens, inform the public information officer about the call, respond in a timely fashion, or decline if you are not comfortable answering the questions.

Public Service Announcements

Radio stations routinely announce upcoming events as public services. Television stations place these events on their community calendars and require information a minimum of two weeks in advance. College events calendars are sent to the local stations for use as public service announcements (PSAs). However, use of College information is at the discretion of each station.


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