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Section V: College Facilities, Property, and Services
Section V-1: College Facilities
    Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Repairs, Painting, and Housekeeping Services
    Campus Safety and Health Use of College Facilities Policy
Section V-2 College Property
    Computer Software Equipment Distribution
    Equipment Keys and Keyless Entry
Section V-3: College Services
    Business Office Mail Services
    Campus Police and Public Safety Maintenance, Repairs, Painting, and Housekeeping Services
    Center for Academic Excellence Marketing and Communications Services
    Competency-Based Education Optical Clinic
    Curriculum Development and Revision Photocopying and Printing Services
    Email and UNIX Purchasing and Contracting
    Emergencies Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning Services
    Food and Vending Services Resource Development - DTCC Foundation and Grants Development
    Information Technology Services Telephone Services/Voice Mail/Facsimiles
    Library Travel and College Vehicles
Buildings and Grounds

Durham Technical Community College's facilities are at the following locations: Main Campus, located in southeastern Durham with primary access off the Briggs Avenue South exit of the E.L. "Buck" Dean 147 Freeway (East-West Expressway). The Main Campus includes the Nathaniel B. White Building (built in 1961), Harold K. Collins Building (built in 1969), Edward L. Phillips Building (built in 1977), Educational Resources Center (built in 1987), Corporate Education Center (built in 1988), Gateway to College Building (purchased in 1994 and formerly the Basic Skills Center), and Facility Services Center (purchased in 2005) on Lawson Street; 807 Bacon Street (purchased in 2001); Newton Industrial and Engineering Technologies Center (built in 1976) and Durham Tech/GlaxoWellcome Technology Center (built in 1998) on Cooper Street. The Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center (completed in 2006) is the central hub between the Main Campus facilities located on Lawson Street and Cooper Street. The college’s Northern Durham Center, a two-building facility (both built in 1993), is located on Snowhill Road. The Small Business and Continuing Education Center is located in leased space in the SouthBank Building in downtown Durham, and the college has instructional space in the Orange County Skills Development Center located on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. The college offers Nursing Assistant classes in leased space at Northgate Mall in Durham. The Orange County Campus (built in 2008) is located in the Waterstone Development outside of Hillsborough. Maps of the Main Campus and campus locations are included in college publications and on the college’s website.

Campus Safety and Health

The college has an ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees, students, and visitors as well as to the preservation of a healthy and safe environment.

Facility Services staff, Campus Police and Public Safety personnel, faculty members, and others play important roles in ensuring that the campus environment is conducive to learning and that the college is in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations related to health and safety. A Health and Safety Advisory Committee also provides input, shares concerns, advises, and makes recommendations in matters and procedures related to providing a healthy and safe college environment and in revising the college’s Emergency Action Plan and safety programs.

Local fire codes prohibit smoking in college buildings, and smoking on campus is now limited to designated smoking areas. The college is planning to become a tobacco-free campus to create an even healthier environment. Eating and drinking are also prohibited in classrooms, laboratories, and meeting rooms. Safety regulations are posted in certain areas, and all employees and students must observe any posted safety regulations. The college’s Safety Compliance Officer should be contacted about any environmental safety questions or concerns.

Maintenance, Repairs, Painting, and Housekeeping Services

The college’s buildings and grounds are maintained through local county funding and operated following local building and fire codes. Maintenance and housekeeping personnel, working together with faculty, staff, and students, are responsible for maintaining a clean and safe operating environment. Employees must submit an approved Work Order Request form to the Facility Services Secretary for any needed maintenance, repairs, painting, and housekeeping services in their area or in common areas of the college. Concerns about buildings and grounds should be reported to the Facility Services Director or the Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services.

Use of College Facilities Policy
The North Carolina General Statutes (specifically G.S. 66-58) prohibit state agencies (including community colleges) from competing with private citizens or organizations in the delivery of goods or services. However, General Statutes 66-58(c)(3a) and G.S. 66-58(c)(3d)] provide exceptions to this general prohibition and enable community college boards of trustees to establish policies that permit and clarify the use of college facilities by external organizations for certain economic development purposes. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the college is in compliance with appropriate North Carolina General Statutes and the North Carolina Administrative Procedures Act by delineating the situations under which an external organization can use college facilities.

The Board of Trustees of Durham Technical Community College grants authority to the President to permit the use of college facilities by external organizations for certain community, cultural, economic development, or educational purposes. College facilities may not be used by external organizations for commercial gain, partisan political activity, or religious services. The President shall report to the Board of Trustees on at least an annual basis on the use of college facilities by external organizations.



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