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Section IV: General Information, Policies, and Procedures

Section IV-1: General Information
Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
Copyrighted Materials
Emergency Closing of College Facilities
Parking and Traffic
Pay Procedures
Working Hours
Special Events
   College Retirement Receptions
   Showers and Parties
Section IV-2 General Policies and Procedures Section IV-3: Academic Policies and Procedures

Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

The college is obligated to provide equal access to employees with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Employees requesting accommodations due to any disability should direct these requests to the Human Resources Director.

Copyrighted Materials

Faculty and staff should exercise caution when reproducing copyrighted materials. Employees should be familiar with the Copyright Law (PL-94-553) which stipulates that permission of the copyright holder is required before systematic copying or taping of copyrighted materials. The copying or taping of copyrighted materials must meet tests of “spontaneity” and “brevity” as defined within the law.

The text of the law and guidelines for its application are available in the college’s library. Employees should review this material if they have any question about the legality or appropriateness of reproducing materials. Available information includes examples of letters to copyright owners requesting permission to reproduce their materials and guidelines for reproducing both print and audiovisual materials, computer software, or other copyrighted materials.


In certain emergencies, evacuation of buildings may be necessary. Employees are urged to become familiar with the nearest exits as noted on the fire/emergency evacuation signs posted in campus buildings. In case of a fire alarm or other evacuation emergencies, employees are to leave the building at the nearest exit. Once outside, employees should move a safe distance from the building, being sure not to block driveways. Employees should not move their vehicles unless instructed to do so.

For medical emergencies, ambulance service is available by dialing 9-911 on a campus phone or 911 on a cell phone. Campus Security officers should be contacted at 919-536-7255, extension 5500 or the emergency number at 919-536-7255, ,extension 5555 to assist if appropriate. The employee calling for emergency services should file a medical incident report with Campus Security.

The Switchboard Operator and/or Campus Security should be notified of any emergency situation by dialing 536-7200, extension 1015 or 919-536-7255, ,extension 5555.

Emergency Closing of College Facilities

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, the President makes decisions about closing the college and/or canceling classes. Class make-up schedules are distributed as part of the annual academic calendar.

In the event of heavy snow or ice accumulation on a day prior to a regular class day, the initial decision to cancel or delay the next day’s classes will be made prior to 6:00 a.m. of the class day in question. The same procedure will be in effect for work days when classes are not scheduled. A decision to close the college for all or part of the day does not automatically mean that evening classes will be suspended. Decisions regarding evening classes will be made prior to 3 p.m. on the day the evening classes are scheduled.

Local television and radio stations are notified to request announcements of the college’s cancellation or delay status. In addition, weather-related changes will be posted on the home page of the Durham Tech website and left as a voice message on the college’s switchboard response.

An email is periodically sent from the President’s Office making college personnel aware of this inclement weather process and the stations they can watch or listen to for information. Each senior administrator is also responsible for developing a plan for notifying employees under his/her supervision. Employees who do not report for work when the college is open shall report the time missed as annual leave.

The above inclement weather procedures apply to all Durham Tech campuses and satellites, unless otherwise specified.


Durham Technical Community College observes 11 paid holidays annually. Specific holiday dates are published in the college's annual academic calendar. Holidays occurring on a weekend or non-workday are observed on the Friday before or the Monday following the non-workday.

Normally, the following holidays are observed unless the college’s Board of Trustees’ authorize the changes:

January – New Year's Day

January – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

March or April – Good Friday and Easter Monday

May – Memorial Day

July – Independence Day

September – Labor Day

November – Thanksgiving Day

November – Day following Thanksgiving

December – Christmas Eve

December – Christmas Day

Parking and Traffic

Operating motor vehicles on campus is governed by provisions of N.C. General Statutes Chapter 115D-20 and the Traffic/Parking Regulations adopted by the college’s Board of Trustees. A copy of the provisions of Chapter 115D-20 is available for review in the Library; the Traffic/Parking Regulations are available on the college’s website as well as on brochures available in Campus Security and in the Business Office.

A parking permit is required to be displayed in all motor vehicles parked on campus. Each employee is responsible for obtaining a faculty/staff parking permit from Campus Security, located at the back of the White Building. The parking permit should hang facing outward on the rearview mirror inside the vehicle. Nothing should obstruct the view of the permit in any way.

In order to use handicapped parking spaces on the Main Campus and at the Northern Durham Center, faculty and staff must have a state-issued handicapped permit. The permit must be issued to the person using it while parking on campus. The state-issued handicapped parking permit must be registered with Campus Security. Vehicles not registered for handicapped parking through Campus Security are subject to ticketing and towing if using handicapped parking spaces.
Faculty and staff are required to follow parking and traffic regulations on campus as well as pay any fines for ticketed violations. Non-payment of fines could result in the garnishment of wages.

Pay Procedures

Designated supervisors are responsible for authorizing pay to employees. Full-time and continuing part-time employees on regular contracts of employment are paid monthly. Part-time, hourly-paid employees are paid monthly. Payday is normally the last regular working day of the month. All employees are paid by electronic deposit of funds to their bank account. All wages received by employees are subject to applicable federal and state income tax at the legal withholding rate. Employees are required to complete the W-4 and the NC-4 forms indicating withholding exemptions claimed for income tax purposes. Form W-2 indicating wages earned and taxes deducted are furnished to all employees no later than January 31 following the calendar year during which wages were earned. Employees should report tax-withholding changes immediately to the Business Office.

The Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) covers all Durham Technical Community College employees. The employee's contribution may vary based on congressional action. To comply with state audit regulations, the Business Office files a copy of each employee's social security card, which is required to ensure that the social security number reported is accurate.

Working Hours

Full-time employees on regular contracts of employment are responsible for working a minimum of 40 hours per week within the normal operating schedule of the college based on the needs of the college. Normally, Durham Tech is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays. This schedule is adjusted during semester breaks and during the summer term when evening and/or weekend classes are not in session. Work schedules are subject to change upon approval by each employee's supervisor.

Special Events

Effective February 2012
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Special events could include department graduation programs and/or award ceremonies, pinning ceremonies, etc. The responsible person should contact the Director of Marketing and Communications at least 15 working days prior to the need for printed invitations and/or the printed program. The Director of Marketing and Communications will work with the person responsible for the special event and Marketing and Communications staff to prepare the printed invitation and printed program, ensure the planners have invited the President if his/her attendance or participation is desired and have detailed the President’s role in the event, schedule photography as needed, and publicize the event or seek media coverage as appropriate.

Funds for special events, including funds for invitations and programs, will come from the requesting area's department funds and division funds or from other college sources (such as student recognition funds or student activity funds) after being approved by the Department Head and Division Head or the appropriate employee responsible for the funding source. Funds for special event food and drink items will come from the Division Head's discretionary funds as approved by the Division Head or from the approved funding source. Requisitions for items related to the special event will be prepared by the requesting department and submitted through the requesting Department Head and the Division Head. Receipts for related purchases will be signed, dated, and submitted by the appropriate requesting department personnel and the Division Head for processing payment through the Business Office.

College Retirement Receptions

The college schedules monthly retirement receptions and posts those dates on the college calendar. The monthly college retirement reception will be the opportunity for the Durham Tech family to attend and say thank you to all faculty and staff retiring that month who choose to participate in the college retirement reception. Departmental and other retirement activities that are not college wide must be planned and take place either during the lunch hour or after work hours and funded by the participating individuals or by the retiree.

When an employee’s retirement letter is received in the President’s Office, the President’s Executive Secretary, will contact the appropriate Departmental/Division Secretary to let him/her know the letter has been received. The Departmental/Division Secretary should check with the retiring faculty or staff member to see if he/she would like to attend the college retirement reception. If the retiring faculty or staff member would like to attend the college retirement reception, the Departmental/Division Secretary will work with the Departmental/Division Secretaries of all other faculty and staff retiring that month to plan the joint reception, which will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room, located in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center at the Main Campus. Each retiree may invite a limited number of family/friends to the retirement reception and should discuss this with the President’s Executive Secretary before invitations are extended.

Requisitions for food and supplies should total no more than $250 for the first retiree and $50 for each additional retiree being honored during the college monthly retirement reception. Funds for the college retirement receptions will be set aside for this purpose and will not come from the participating retirees’ division or department funds.

Requisitions are to be submitted to the President’s Executive Secretary for approval and then submitted to the Business Office for payment or reimbursement. Durham Tech has accounts with Harris Teeter, Not Just Paper, and Costco. Requisitions for Harris Teeter and Not Just Paper would be written to the appropriate vendor, signed by the requestor and the President’s Executive Secretary, and submitted to the Director of Auxiliary Services to obtain a local Purchase Order (PO) number and charge card (which is available for Harris Teeter only) to be taken to the vendor to purchase the items requested. Original receipts for purchases made should be signed and dated by the requesting Departmental/Division Secretary and then approved, initialed, and dated to indicate approval by the President’s Executive Secretary before being submitted to the Business Office for processing payment or reimbursement. If the Harris Teeter charge card is used, it must be returned immediately to Director of Auxiliary Services after being used to purchase the approved items. Costco does not take the college credit card and must be paid in cash. Because of this situation, the requestor must write a requisition naming himself/herself as supplier for the amount of the purchased items, including taxes. The college then provides the requestor with a check made out in the requestor’s name for paying at Costco. The requestor also must submit original receipts along with any unspent cash to the President’s Executive Secretary for the purchases made, as in the process for Harris Teeter and Not Just Paper.

Requestors wishing to make reception purchases from other stores or businesses must complete the requisition process and receive a check made out to the requestor, as in the process for Costco purchases. The requestor must also submit original receipts along with any unspent cash to the President’s Executive Secretary for the purchases made, as in the process noted above.

The President’s Executive Secretary will give the requestor a written statement detailing the amount of unspent cash returned to serve as a receipt.

Bridal and Baby Showers or Birthday Parties

Personal special events such as bridal and baby showers or birthday parties held for co-workers are not funded by the college. It is required that personal special events such as bridal and baby showers held within a department or division or which are open to all faculty and staff are to be scheduled during the lunch hour (either noon to 1 p.m. or 1 to 2 p.m.) or after 5 p.m. Those attending the shower or party during work hours would then use their lunch hour to attend.

Changes to Special Events Guidelines and Procedure

These guidelines and procedures are subject to change based on input from faculty and staff. When changes are made, the information will be updated on the college’s website. The date of revision will be noted. Please submit suggested revisions in writing to the Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement.


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