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What are online courses?

An online course is one delivered over the Internet using web pages, e-mail, online discussion forums, and other Internet technologies.

Online courses cover the same content as their traditional counterparts on campus. Class sizes are limited so that instructors can provide the same level of personal interaction they do in the traditional classroom.

How do online courses work?

Students "attend" online courses by accessing class web pages and completing assignments.  Students communicate regularly with the instructor and classmates via e-mail and online discussion forums.

Durham Tech's online courses are NOT self-paced, independent study courses. Students are required to complete assignments each week according to the class schedule, to maintain regular contact with the instructor, and to participate in online class discussions.

You'll find that each online class is organized and works a little differently. As with face-to-face classes, online classes vary depending on the instructor's style and the content being covered.

Do I have to be online at a certain time each day (or week)?

Most online courses do not require you to be online at a specific day or time. However, you are required to "keep up" with the weekly class schedule and to complete assignments before the due dates. For most online classes, you can choose the time of day or night you want to log on to work on an assignment, but you must complete it and "turn it in" by the specified date and time.

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