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Faculty and Staff Departmental Directory


Library – 536-7211

Assistant Dean/Director
Assistant Director for Reference and Technical Services
Librarian, Public Services
Reference Librarian
Reference Librarian (part time)
Reference Librarian, OCC
Reference Librarian, NDC
Library Technician, Technical Services
Library Technician, Public Services
Library Technician (part time)

Irene Laube
Julie Humphrey
Wendy Ramseur
Susan Baker
Stephen Brooks
Meredith Lewis
Toshi Shonek
Mary Kennery
Charles Farrow
Courtney Bippley

507B ERC
506A ERC
506A ERC
506 ERC
506 ERC
507A ERC
506 ERC
506 ERC



Student Engagement and Transitions – 536-7231

Dean and Department Head Dr. Christine Kelly-Kleese 1211B Wynn 2402 kleesec@durhamtech.edu
Assistant Dean GabbyMcCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
Departmental Secretary Alfreda Gregory 1310K Wynn 2404 gregorya@durhamtech.edu

Center for Academic Excellence –  536-7232

  Director/Instructor, Mathematics Dr. Karen Jackson 1310F Wynn 2403 jacksonk@durhamtech.edu

Developmental English and Reading

  Chair/Instructor Robbi Muckenfuss 1310E Wynn 8084 muckenfussr@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Lyndsay Al-Shibli 376B Phillips 8073 alshiblil@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Cari Borresen 376A Phillips 8076 borresec@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Sheza Healey 249 Collins 6301 healeys@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading GabbyMcCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Cara Potter 280 Collins 8090 potterc@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Developmental English/Reading Josie Williams 274 Collins 8088 williamsj@durhamtech.edu

Developmental Mathematics

  Chair/Instructor Vernon Bridges II
268A Collins 8077 bridgesv@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Elecia Brown 268C Collins 8085 ridleye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor Barbara Hughes 273 Collins 8027 hughesb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor James Weeks 268C Collins 8087 weeksj@durhamtech.edu
  Lead Tutor Yasmeen Haque Collins   haquey@durhamtech.edu

First Year Experience

  Chair/Instructor Kerry Cantwell 1211A 8008 cantwellk@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Marjorie "Jayne" Carter-Davis 1309C Wynn 8091 carterdavism@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Shana Curl 1200 Wynn 1127 curls@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Abraham Dones 1200B Wynn 1107 donesa@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Dr. Christine Kelly-Kleese 1211B Wynn 2402 kleesec@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Jaclyn A. Krohn OCC 4203 krohnj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Jairo McMican 1200A Wynn 1120 mcmicanj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Gabrielle "Gabby" McCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Audrey Muhammad 1200F Wynn 1110 muhammada@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Eliza M. Murphy 1200A Wynn 1124 murphye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Erin Riney 317 Phillips 8078 rineye@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Bryan Rufener 1309B Wynn 8029 rufenerb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, College Success Svetlana Yokum 217 Collins 8047 yokums@durhamtech.edu

College and Career Readiness – 536-7218

  Assistant Dean Gregory Bellamy 13B White> 3251 bellamyj@durhamtech.edu
  Assistant Registrar O’Keishe Wright 12 White 3105 wrighto@durhamtech.edu
  Chief GED Examiner Linda Meisenbach 12 White 3206 meisenbachl@durhamtech.edu
  Program Assistant for Assessment Willie Mae Johnson 22 White 3001 johnsonw@durhamtech.edu
  Program Assistant/Receptionist Judy Hunter 15 White 2423 hunterj@durhamtech.edu

Gateway to College – 536-7248

    Director Dr. Marguerita Best 13A White 2429 bestm@durhamtech.edu
    Lead Resource Specialist Dr. Dorene MacKinnon 25A White 2427 MacKinnond@durhamtech.edu
    Resource Specialist Stésha Little 16 White 3002 littles@durhamtech.edu
    Coordinator, AHSD/College Transition Phillip Gowins 23 White 3204 gowinsp@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, English Janice Stuart 21 White 3209 stuartj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, Mathematics Phillip Gowins 23 White 3204 gowinsp@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Quincy Wright 2 White 3108 wrightq@durhamtech.edu

General Educational Development (GED) – 536-7220

    Director Dr. Marguerita Best 15 White 2429 bestm@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor, GED Naomi Feaste 25 White 3203 feasten@durhamtech.edu
    Chief GED Examiner Linda Meisenbach 12 White 3206 meisenbachl@durhamtech.edu


Adult Basic Education

    Program Director Betty Lyons 17 White 3103 lyonsb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Synthia Cooper 26 White 3101 coopers@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jacqueline Futrell 24White 3102 futrellj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Tonya Hall 6 White 3110 hallt@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Quincy Wright 2 White 3108 wrightq@durhamtech.edu
    Resource Specialist, Breaking Through Initiative Kenya Harris 14 White 3210 harrisk@durhamtech.edu

Compensatory Education

    Program Director Betty Lyons

17 White

3103 lyonsb@durhamtech.edu

Health Technologies Department – 919-536-7233

    Dean and Department Head Melissa Oakley Ockert 901B Tech Center 8127 ockertm@durhamtech.edu
    Assistant Dean, Allied Health Susan Cheng 927 Tech Center 8103 chengs@durhamtech.edu
    Assistant Dean, Nursing Mark Hand 940A Tech Center 8094 handm@durhamtech.edu
    Departmental Secretary Sandra Grady 901 Tech Center 8112 gradys@durhamtech.edu
    Nursing Programs Assistant Kimberly Robertson 940 Tech Center 8107 robertsk@durhamtech.edu
    Program Assistant/Accreditation Support Specialist Teresa Holder 953C Tech Center 8165 holdert5835 @durhamtech.edu

Associate Degree Nursing

    Assistant Dean, Nursing Mark Hand 940A Tech Center 8094 handm@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Lesley Chaffin 940B Tech Center 8101 chaffinl@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Johnnie A. Bratton 957 Tech Center 8040 brattonj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Lois Ballen 922 Tech Center 8095 ballenl@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jennifer Fay 959 Tech Center 8097 fayj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Temika Ford 921 Tech Center 8105 fordt@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Joy Hansen 923 Tech Center 8116 hansenj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Barbara Jackson 951 Tech Center 8126 jacksonb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor LaVeshia Johnson 958 Tech Center 8092 johnsolc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Jemma Superville 955 Tech Center 8133 supervij@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Melody Wilkinson 951 Tech Center 8099 wilkinsonm@durhamtech.edu
    RIBN Student Success Advocate Stephanie Wiggins 1313G Wynn Center 8185 wigginss@durhamtech.edu

Clinical Trials Research Associate

    Program Director/Instructor Dr. William (Bill) Gluck 969 Tech Center 8131 gluckw@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Rebecca McClain 949A Tech Center 8096 mcclainr@durhamtech.edu
    Field Coordinator/Instructor Donnetta Miller 978 Tech Center 8121 millerd@durhamtech.edu

Dental Laboratory Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Gregory Walton 219 Collins 8136 waltong@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Alberto Camacho 224 Collins 8100 camachoa@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Ricky Glasgow 220 Collins 8111 glasgowr@durhamtech.edu

Health Information Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Jessica Vaughan 967 Tech Center 8193 vaughanj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor/Professional Practice Experience Coordinator Daveta Strayhorn 953A Tech Center 8125 strayhornd@durhamtech.edu

Medical Assisting

    Program Director/Instructor Angela Breault
960 Tech Center 8098 breaulta@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Annette Phillips 949A Tech Center 8129 phillipa@durhamtech.edu

Occupational Therapy Assistant

    Program Director/Instructor Susan Cheng 927 Tech Center
8103 chengs@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Carol Marcus 931 Tech Center 8120 marcusc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Christine Gunnigle 924 Tech Center 8102 gunniglec@durhamtech.edu


    Program Director/Instructor Michael Szczerbiak 32 White 8134 szczerbiakm@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Barry Dark 30 White 8106 darkb@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Tracy Bennett 36 White 8093 bennettt@durhamtech.edu

Pharmacy Technology

    Program Director/Instructor
Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
Janice Murphy
Tammie Davis
915 Tech Center
914 Tech Center

Practical Nursing

    Program Director/Instructor (Interim) Amy Kern 917 Tech Center 8135 kernar@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Director/Instructor Jerry L. Oxendine 920 Tech Center 8117 oxendinej@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Cynthia Hardin 920 Tech Center 8114 hardinc@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Sheryl McCloud 918 Tech Center 8123 mcclouds@durhamtech.edu

Respiratory Therapy

    Program Director Audrey Kern 929 Tech Center 8119 kerna@durhamtech.edu
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Janemarie Baker 929 Tech Center 8124 bakerj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Andrew Teears 929 Tech Center 8110 teearsaj@durhamtech.edu
    Instructor Diane Usher 926 Tech Center 8109 usherd@durhamtech.edu

Surgical Technology

    Program Director/Instructor Tammy Nelson 961 Tech Center 8118 nelsont@durhamtech.edu>
    Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Jill Roofner 962 Tech Center 8130 roofnerj@durhamtech.edu


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