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Faculty and Staff Departmental Directory


Senior Vice President Dr. Valarie Evans 312 Phillips 2006
Executive Secretary/Office Manager Claudia Joyner 311 Phillips 2006 joynerc@durhamtech.edu

Student Learning Services Support Staff

Assistant Dean, Curriculum Development Marcia Daniell 312B Phillips 2002 daniellm@durhamtech.edu
Coordinator, Public Schools Programs Patricia Gould 1309 Wynn 1417 gouldp@durhamtech.edu
Director, Service Learning Erin Riney 312D Phillips 8078 rineye@durhamtech.edu
Coordinator, Volunteer Services Sally Parlier 310A Phillips 8194 parliers@durhamtech.edu
Director, Teaching Learning Center Gabrielle "Gabby" McCutchen 1211C Wynn 8083 mccutcheng@durhamtech.edu
Scheduling Coordinator/Database Manager Danyece Allen 312C Phillips 2004 allends@durhamtech.edu

Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer – 919-536-7223

Dean and Department Head Tracy J. Mancini 313C Phillips 8011 mancinit@durhamtech.edu
Associate Dean Kara Manley Battle 293 Collins 8002 battlek@durhamtech.edu
Department Secretary Toni Brown 313 Phillips 8010 brownt@durhamtech.edu
Secretary, Mathematics and Science Carolyn Henderson 292 Collins 8020 hendersonc@durhamtech.edu

Associate in General Education Program

  Program Director/Instructor Dr. David Long 361 Phillips 8025 longd@durhamtech.edu


  Discipline Chair/Instructor, English Janel Mays 365 Phillips 8028 maysj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Communications Dr. Jason Moldoff 389 Phillips 8162 moldoffj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Communications/Drama Tracy Francis 369 Phillips 8079 francist@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Lea Bingham 362 Phillips 8004 binghaml@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Jonathan Cook 359 Phillips 8007 cookj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Perry Cumbie 367 Phillips 8013 cumbiep@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Marina DelVecchio 358 Phillips 8017 delveccm@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Larry Haynes (Sonny) 356 Phillips 2425 haynesl@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Tracy Mancini 313A Phillips 8011 mancinit@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, English Stephanie Whetstone 382 Phillips 8018 whetstos@durhamtech.edu


Foreign Languages

  Discipline Chair/Instructor, Spanish Shannon Hahn 313D Phillips 8019 hahns@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, German Svetlana Yokum 217 Collins 8047 yokums@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Spanish Lindsey Carpenter 315 Phillips 8199 carpenterl@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Spanish Constanza Gómez-Joines 65 White 4051 gomezc@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Spanish John "Lance" Lee 316 Phillips 8187 leej@durhamtech.edu


Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics    View the photo directory


Science     View their Science departmental web pages and photo directory


Social Science/Humanities

  Discipline Chair/Instructor, History Dr. David Long 361 Phillips 8025 longd@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Art History Dr. Steven Kerrigan 388 Phillips 8032 kerrigans@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Economics Thomas Beveridge 380 Phillips 8003 beveridget@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, History Dr. James DePalma 385 Phillips 8009 depalmaj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Humanities Bonnie Tilson 377 Phillips 8039 tilsonb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Humanities Tracy Mancini 313D Phillips 8011 mancinit@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Psychology Dr. John Cain 320 Phillips 8186 cainj@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Psychology Brenda East 322 Phillips 8014 eastb@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Psychology Marisa Sullivan 383 Phillips 8052 sullivam@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Psychology A. Dell Tolin 386 Phillips 8015 tolina@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Sociology Christine Dove 364Phillips 8034 dovec@durhamtech.edu
  Instructor, Sociology Michelle Casey 368B Phillips 8184 caseym@durhamtech.edu


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