Career and College Promise Request to Enroll Form

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Log In Steps

  • Visit the website
  • Log in if you have an existing account or create an account
  • Select "Plan" and then "For High School" and "Career and College Promise".

This will bring you to an informational page about Career and College Promise. After reviewing the information, click “Apply for CCP” button.

Please note: You need your “Powerschool” ID (high school student ID) in order to complete the request form. (Note: Non-public school students: If you do not have a “Powerschool” number apply as “homeschool”* and enter a “Powerschool number” as 277XXXX, with the XXXXs as month and day of birthday.)

  1. Fill in the student information (All fields are required unless designated otherwise.).
  2. Fill in your “Powerschool” ID number (formerly known as “NCWISE student id”) and your year of high school graduation.
  3. Select a pathway (either “College Transfer” or “Career and Technical Education” or both).
  4. Click the “Submit Your Request” button.
    1. Non-public school students will be allowed to go directly to the online application.
      If you see a school name listed under “My application is connected to”, click “Change” and apply as “homeschool”.
    2. Public School students:
      Ignore the information to high school students. Providing your Powerschool Number is optional. Students who would like to use CFNC to send their high school transcript to colleges should provide their Powerschool number. However, your Durham Tech application will not be affected if you do not have a Powerschool Number or if you choose not to provide it on your application.
      • You will be brought to the “CCP Request Status” page where you will be listed as “PENDING”. Your request will be sent to your counselor for verification of eligibility (grade level, GPA and test score qualification).
      • You can check your status by repeating the log in steps above.
      • If your request is approved, your eligibility status will change to “Eligible” and you can follow the steps on the “Completing the online application for admission to CCP@Durham Tech to complete your Durham Tech application.