Career and College Promise Application Instructions

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Durham Tech’s online application is accessed through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). The application is four pages and easy to fill out. There are specific items that must be completed in order for your application to upload from CFNC to Durham Tech. The required information is listed below.

Log In Steps

From the CCP Request Status page:

  • Click on “Go to the CFNC Application Manager” and begin your online application.
  • Select “D” for the Durham Tech application.
  • Click on “Begin Application for Durham Technical Community College” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions below starting at “Page One”.

From the internet:

  • Visit the website
  • Log in if you have an existing account or create an account
  • Select “Apply” and then “to college” and "College Applications".
  • Select “D” and then “Durham Technical Community College”

Ignore the information under “high school students.” While DPI and NCCC require this information be on all community college applications, Durham Tech does not use this procedure.

Click on Begin Application for Durham Technical Community College at the bottom of the page. There are four pages. The bolded information below indicates a question asked on that page. (Most of the questions are self-explanatory, but a few need clarification, which is provided below.)

  • Page One: Name and address
  • Page Two: Personal Information:
    • Social Security Number:
      If you do not fill out the social security number your application will not automatically upload to Durham Tech. It may take 5-10 business days to process your application depending on the time of year.
    • POWERSCHOOL Number (high school student ID):
      Ignore the information to high school students. Providing your Powerschool Number is optional. Students who would like to use CFNC to send their high school transcript to colleges should provide their Powerschool number. However, your Durham Tech application will not be affected if you do not have a Powerschool Number or if you choose not to provide it on your application.
    • Citizenship and Residency Information:
      You must provide your citizenship and residency information to submit your application online. If this is an issue, please fill out and print a Durham Tech application. The application can be faxed (919-686-3669) or mailed to Patricia Gould, Durham Technical Community College, Wynn Center 1309, 1637 Lawson Street, Durham, NC 27703. Please contact Patricia Gould ( or 919-536-7200, ext. 1417) if you have questions.
  • Page Three: Enrollment Information
    • Entrance status: Select “freshman” (this will not affect your future college status)
    • Choose the program of study/major which you are interested in pursuing: Select “Career and College Promise (restricted to current high school students)
  • Page Four: Educational Information
    • Did you graduate from high school: Select “current high school/GED student"
    • Highest educational level completed that best describes you: Select the grade level you will be in when enrolling at Durham Tech.