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Reading and Writing Resources

Also view the list of online writing resources in the list of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Student Resources section.

WC Online
A program that helps writing center staff schedule sessions online and to track statistics and demographics related to the writing center. This program is personalized to meet the needs of a particular center and the "personalization" can be changed at any time. It also looks as though they've added a new online tutoring module to the program.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)
An online writing lab which also has many resources that students and writing centers can access. .

A writing center blog with podcasts, hosted by Clint Gardner.

Writing Centers Research Project
An online research project on writing centers. They collect a variety of data each year to learn more about the size, scope, and work of writing centers.

International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)
The professional association for writing center specialists. IWCA membership includes a subscription to the Writing Center Journal. The organization hosts an annual conference and offers some grants for writing center research. They also sponsor a Summer Institute for writing center directors. Their website has a number of resources, including CFP's for regional conferences and resources for starting a writing center. .

Praxis: A Writing Center Journal
A relatively new e-journal for writing centers. Praxis also maintains an online blog on writing centers.

The Writing Lab Newsletter
A writing center journal edited by Muriel (Mickey) Harris of Purdue U. Previous issues are available for free download from the site.

Writing Center Journal /
A scholarly journal on writing centers. Issues older than two years are available for free download from the archives.